Winter Sapphire Point Elopement | Victoria & Andy

Winter Sapphire Point Elopement | Victoria & Andy

Victoria and Andy reached out to me less than two weeks before their winter Sapphire Point elopement on this century’s palindrome. They had a date, and a deep love for the mountains of Colorado, but no idea what location to choose.

I suggested sunrise at Sapphire Point because it seemed to check all their boxes – secluded, mountain views, accessible – and they couldn’t have been happier! If you are planning your own small mountain wedding or elopement, and are interested in this location, you can find additional information on how to elope at Sapphire Point Overlook here. Many mountainous locations in Colorado become inaccessible in the winter due to snow and road closures. The ones that are still accessible get fairly busy on a nice day in February. We felt like the only people on the mountain for this winter sunrise at Sapphire Point. I saw a couple of photographers taking sunrise photos, but they were far out of earshot.

Sapphire Point Overlook is between Breckinridge and Dillon, Colorado. The viewpoint where Victoria and Andy exchanged vows was only about a three minute walk from where we parked. But you’d never guess how easily accessible this location was for how perfectly private it was for Victoria and Andy’s ceremony. 

We arrived at 6:30 in the morning. It was still dark, and I could see the lights of the Breckenridge ski area in the distance. While getting ready, I passed along one of my sunrise secrets – adhesive hand warmers to stow in their jackets. Victoria stood at the overlook at first light, looking down upon the Dillon reservoir. She was wrapped in a blanket and holding tight to their dog Izzy, a Yorkie who seemed unused to the cold. The sight of Victoria soaking in the view reminded me of Andy’s response to one of the initial questionnaires I’d sent about their elopement goals. He had described Victoria so lovingly – as a bubbly, excited, and happy personality. He expressed his desire to see her somewhere beautiful on the day they exchanged vows. I’d say we achieved that for this romantic winter Sapphire Point elopement.


Andy joined his bride at the overlook and they took out vow books that Victoria made herself. On the outside the books said Love You – Forever. They each wrote longer vows to each other – filled with sweet sentiments and loving memories. I feel honored to witness how each eloping couple I work with takes a different approach to their marriage ceremony. What would you say if no one but your partner was listening?

As they spoke to each other about their hopes for the future, the sun rose behind them and began to light up the mountain peaks. It was magnificent! We all laughed and cried at the immense beauty we were lucky to be experiencing. It was the perfect day for a winter Sapphire Point elopement. There was no wind and the skies were clear. As the sun rose higher, it even became warm enough that Victoria removed her jacket. Her wedding dress was a gorgeous lace pattern with long sleeves and fit in perfectly in this winter wonderland around us.

Victoria and Andy are both chiropractors, and they exchanged silicone rings during their vows instead of metal. They wanted rings they could wear all the time and not have to worry about taking off.

After sharing their vows, it was time to make it official and sign their marriage license. While planning their elopement, Victoria told me how she wanted to include their dog in their wedding ceremony. In Colorado, a witness is not required, so I suggested we bring along a non-toxic ink pad and she can stamp her adorable pup’s paw print directly on their marriage license. That’s exactly what we did! Talk about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. 

To celebrate they popped champagne and enjoyed it while soaking in the view of the Breckenridge ski resort. After a little relaxation it was time to take portraits. Of course, they had to get pictures with Izzy! Their adorable little Yorkie was dressed to the nines in a white sweater – but I’m pretty sure she was wishing we had a fireplace she could lay down beside. 

Andy and Victoria have been together for eight years. They met in school, in Texas, and Victoria made the first move by sending Andy a friend request on Facebook. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Each of them has a larger family, and Victoria especially had been involved in quite a few weddings over the years. When they began planning to get married, a big wedding never felt quite right. Victoria didn’t want her wedding day to be an impersonal and stressful experience, so she started looking into elopements. That’s how we got connected! After seeing the beauty of the Colorado mountains lit up like Christmas by the rising sun, Andy and Victoria understood exactly why an elopement was the perfect choice for them.

The sun was bright and high in the sky by the time we began walking back from their winter Sapphire Point elopement. I am so happy for Victoria and Andy! They chose a wedding experience perfect for them – personal, intimate, and beautiful. They were a delight to get to know and I feel as though I made new friends in our short time planning this celebration. As always, the beauty of Colorado exceeded all our expectations.

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  1. These are all so gorgeous! Love the alpenglow that Sapphire point elopements get. Also their doggo is definitely the star of the show 😉

  2. Those Colorado mountain views – Wow! Truly a beautiful winter elopement and your couple looks so genuinely happy. Excellent job! Also their yorkie makes my heart melt!

  3. Love the mountain elopement look + love the personal touch of the dog added in! It’s so important that they are always so personal + you completely nailed it.

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