The Ultimate Guide for your Garden of the Gods Elopement


This is STUNNING!!! I love how moody their outfits are (SO dreamy!!), and you’ve packed this post full of amazing info!

Wow this is so stunning! What a helpful blog post for your couples!!

This is such a great resource for this location and these photos are BEYOND stunning!! I need to go there!

amazing!! the way the white of the snow contrasts with the red rock is so unique and gorgeous!! These are stunning, Paige <3


Thank you so much, Laura!! That is so sweet. I’m obsessed with this place and it’s hard to believe it’s free to shoot here and so accessible.

Amazing material! Is this place really exists? Such an amazing stylish couple and they were lucky to have you as their photographer!


It’s hard to believe this place is just a few minutes away from downtown Colorado Springs. What you don’t see in these photos is the 14’er this park sits at the base of.

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