Spring Elopement in Boulder, Colorado

Spring Elopement in Boulder, Colorado

Half the fun of being an adventure elopement photographer in Colorado is also attempting to be a meteorologist! I setup a mini styled elopement session up Flagstaff rd. just outside of Boulder. We spent half of the day communicating back and forth and checking the weather, as we were preparing for the worst, but thankfully Colorado weather was kind in the end!

First I met Madeline, Debra & Samantha from Envision Your I Do makeup and hair. I guarantee that Madeline felt like Snow White as these lovely ladies immediately went to work. Samantha on makeup, and Debra on hair. They specialize in airbrushing techniques and keeping brides looking their best for the ENTIRE day (even a hiking elopement). I highly recommend their services!

A few hours later we met outside of Boulder, Colorado. Well folks, we skipped the 3-mile hike and went straight to Artist Point due to weather. Complete with a picnic table AND a bench with a view. Our backup location did not disappoint. If you’re looking to elope in the mountains in Colorado, then I highly suggest you consult me for location ideas as I love to explore!

Just nearby Artist Point is a popular spot to have a small intimate wedding or elopement in Boulder – Sunrise Amphitheater provides stunning views and plenty of seating. Bonus points, I saw a black fox right in the amphitheater as I was leaving (scroll to the bottom for pic)!

The Ceremony

Madeline looked so beautiful in her blue dress and matching turquoise jewelry – The colors brought a spring vibe to the entire session! Keep in mind this is a styled elopement session, so I had asked Madeline and Shaun to write something for each other to read at the top of Artist Point in Boulder. They did not disappoint.

In addition, they just so happen to be huge fans of the band Phish. Shaun made up his entire poem out of lyrics from multiple different songs and it was just the sweetest thing ever!

We had no choice but to pop a bottle of champagne in celebration!!! This is always a fun part of the shoot as couples always react differently, and sometimes a random gust of wind can change the entire outcome.

Talk about the perfect date ever. Sunset + Love Poem + Champagne + Macaroons and cuddling as the rain started to trickle back in. I will forever love and advise that all couples do an adventure session if you’re the type that loves to explore the wilderness. It’s a great way to spend quality time together (and get some amazing photos to document the entire experience).

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